A village is situated 6-kms south of Gopalganj, is a junction station of the North eastern Railway of the Masrakh -Thawe section and the Siwan- Gorakhpur Broad guage Line. In the village there are remains of an old fort but the history of the fort is obscure. The King of Hathwa had a palace there but it is now in decadent state. Close by the residence of the Hathwa Raja there is an old temple dedicated to Goddess Durga. Within the enclosure of the temple there is a peculiar tree, the botanical family of which has not yet been identified. The tree has grown up like the cross. Various legends are prevalent in connection with the idol and the tree. Food for jackals is still offered in the nearby jungle and a big fair is annually held in the month of Chaitra (March -April).

THAWE MAHOTSAV-2017 is being held during 3rd and 4th April-2017